Earth Spirit Studio

Patricia L. Binette

9 Weeks Street • Fairfield, ME 04937



About the Artist


photo by David Hay"I work in a variety of mediums and like to experiment with different techniques. I find that this stimulates my creativity. Being an artist who must have an emotional connection to my work, I create based on my own personal life journey. Painting is a way for me to communicate my thoughts and feelings.

"I am a founding member of the Waterville Area Art Society and I have taught students from my studio for over twenty years. I receive a great deal of inspiration and strength from my students. In turn I find it a privilege to pass down to my students a knowledge of art, while also encouraging them to have pride in their own artistic ability.

"My work is found in collections throughout the United States and England.

"Art is a necessity for me. Although sometimes frustrating, it is always a path to personal growth."